In this post you can listen to samples of all 37 text-to-speech voices in iOS 8, in default and enhanced quality. Click name of country to listen.

This is an update of the earlier iOS 7 post.

Note that the enhanced-quality voices have to be downloaded in the Settings app.

Voices changed since iOS 7
Default quality Arabic Norwegian Spanish (Spain)
Enhanced quality Arabic Czech French (France) Norwegian Portuguese (Portugal) Spanish (Spain)

Voices added since iOS 7
Default quality Hebrew
Enhanced quality Hebrew

Default quality Enhanced quality
Arabic Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia (205 MB)

لوقا، أنا أبوك

Chinese China
Hong Kong
China (177 MB)
Hong Kong (102 MB)
Taiwan (192 MB)


Czech Czech Republic Czech Republic (159 MB)

Lukáš, já jsem tvůj otec.

Danish Denmark Denmark (41 MB)

Lukas, jeg er din fader.

Dutch Belgium
Belgium (50 MB)
Netherlands (151 MB)

Lucas, ik ben je vader.

English Australia
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States
Australia (120 MB)
Ireland (125 MB)
South Africa (120 MB)
United Kingdom (117 MB)
United States (156 MB)

Luke, I am your father.

Finnish Finland Finland (45 MB)

Luukas, minä olen isäsi.

French Canada
Canada (101 MB)
France (122 MB)

Luc, je suis ton père.

German Germany Germany (189 MB)

Lukas, Ich bin dein Vater.

Greek Greece Greece (180 MB)

Λουκάς, είμαι ο πατέρας σου.

Hebrew Israel Israel (86 MB)

.לוקאס, אני אבא שלך

Hindi India India (107 MB)

ल्यूक, मैं आपका पिता हूँ।

Hungarian Hungary Hungary (43 MB)

Lukács, én vagyok az apád.

Indonesian Indonesia Indonesia (124 MB)

Lukas, akulah ayahmu.

Italian Italy Italy (103 MB)

Luca, io sono tuo padre.

Japanese Japan Japan (123 MB)


Korean South Korea South Korea (55 MB)

루크, 내가 니 아버지다.

Norwegian Bokmål Norway Norway (43 MB)

Lukas, jeg er din far.

Polish Poland Poland (36 MB)

Łukasz, ja jestem twoim ojcem.

Portuguese Brazil
Brazil (38 MB)
Portugal (132 MB)

Lucas, eu sou seu pai.

Romanian Romania Romania (36 MB)

Luca, eu sunt tatăl tău.

Russian Russia Russia (137 MB)

Лука, я - твой отец.

Slovak Slovakia Slovakia (90 MB)

Lukáš, som tvoj otec.

Spanish Mexico
Mexico (116 MB)
Spain (147 MB)

Lucas, yo soy tu padre.

Swedish Sweden Sweden (148 MB)

Lukas, jag är din far.

Thai Thailand Thailand (59 MB)


Turkish Turkey Turkey (120 MB)

Luka, ben senin babanım.

(All samples are at ⅓ of the default speed.)

As pointed out in the comments on the iOS 7 post: Although it’s considered a famous movie quote, Darth Vader never actually said this line. Here’s the proof in 18 different languages: