What’s New in Version 2.0.1

  • We included samples of all the text-to-speech voices (26 languages) in both ‘standard’ and ‘enhanced’ quality. (Check the ‘Info’ screen)
  • Switching off ‘Also speak small text’ sometimes brought confusion when a card only had small text; it was like the speech function didn’t work. So we changed it to: ‘Speak all text’ which means: “When there’s big + small text: speak it all!”
  • Squashed a few small bugs.

We don’t want to include a nagging ‘Rate me!’ dialog in the app. But if you like Vocab Ninja and are feeling generous with your time, please take a moment to leave a star rating or review. Thank you!

Why I added the text-to-speech samples.

This was the very first user review Vocab Ninja received, a few days after launch:

App Store review by Probleempje007

Apparently Probleempje007 (‘small problem 007’ in Dutch) didn’t get the ‘Vocab’ part of the app name. Yes, the app is for learning only vocabulary, which is obviously only a part of the whole language learning process.

But, more importantly, he didn’t notice that you can download text-to-speech voices of a much higher quality, and he or she is probably not the only person who didn’t notice the button in Speech Settings. (I must admit: It was a bit hidden.)

That’s why I included an extra page in the Introduction that is shown when you first use the app. It now lets you hear the difference in quality for a few voices (US English, Mexican Spanish & European Spanish).

And samples of all the 36 different voices (in both qualities) can now be found in the Info & Help part of the app.

BTW, these text-to-speech samples are also on this blog, as are the step-by-step instructions for downloading a high-quality voice.